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Software is eating the world - Marc Andreessen


Our mission is to make sure your idea reaches its full potential by providing only the highest quality services to our clients from inside and outside. We go to great lengths to ensure satisfaction, maintain a high sense of integrity, focus on our clients’ end-goal in order to maintain a high level of reputation within the software industry. Whether you are looking to completely outsource a website you’re planning to build, or add world-class software professionals to your team, we will make it happen.


Our team is skilled at developing solutions faster and much more accurate. Through years of experience we can provide the design, technology, team, and methodology to quickly bring it to life. We have expertise in a broad range of technologies including Spring, Yii, NodeJS, as well as various frameworks for mobile application such as Ionic, Cordova, and AngularJS. In addition, we have extensive experience in mobile app development and Systems Integration, so we will quickly bring your idea into reality. In addition we have years of experience in supporting companies doing business globally, so its needless to say we support internationalization and can assist you in expanding your business journey with no problem at all. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Web application development Mobile app development Systems Integrations Web services UI/UX design Business / requirements analysis


Korea’s first encrypted e-mail solution

  • Patented in March 2012, ‘Web data encryption operation and system management’[Patent no. 10-2012-0018419]
  • Able to use without having to install ActiveX
  • Allows for protection against malicious hacking by saving the HTML source code received by the server in a client’s PC and adding the AES encrypted data to the SSL. In addition a highly volatile URL protects the admin page address as well as the GET data.

Client management service utilizing cloud technology

  • Allows you to efficiently manage contacts
  • Supports domestic as well as international text messaging
  • Customized, secured e-mails
  • Schedule management and web messages
  • Able to send emails via text messages
  • Synchronizes contacts, emails, schedules created on MISKET to your smart phone without installation



We are excited about new and advanced technology, and utilizing such technology to empower the ideas of others.


We work together to solve complex problems and regularly share what we know and what we do with each other for continuous education.


We are a diverse, inclusive and weird group. We look for teammates who we learn from and will push us to work smarter, harder, faster.


We work in a highly collaborative environment with some of the most passionate, experienced people in our emerging industry.


We are always pushing ourselves to never cease learning. Software is evolving at a very quick pace and perhaps no other industry moves as fast as this space. Currently we are in the process of experimenting with Node.JS, Foundation Framework, AngularJS and we’re planning to work on a Peer-to-Peer lending platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. But this is just one of many projects we’re excited about and we’re also looking into other interesting fintech projects as well. We’re always excited about new technology and things are just getting warmed up.


“I am what I am because of who we all are”

We’re working to create a better world by empowering the ideas of others through software and financial technology. Apply today, and make a meaningful, positive difference in this world.

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